This place...is one of the real sites of Sohyeon. This is where she practices speaking. Sohyeon started to learn new languages (html and css) in a class named “New Order”. She is trying to keep new ordering more. This real site of Sohyeon is composed of six rooms on three floors since the first Friday of January.2020. The rooms of this site have each own address and can be found in this building with the address “arealsiteofsohyeon.neocites.org” until the data charge 1GB.

🚪 201: See you soon,
The first place that Sohyeon made after the second class about html.

🚪 202: Blueberries with love,
Blueberries that Sohyeon created with web language.

🚪 101: Ping Pong Poem,
A project that Sohyeon is doing for exploring new languages and having happy conversations.

🚪 102: Nametour,
The collection of the longest names of locations in the world.

🚪 EG1: Saving our screen while losing our minds,
An exhibition of screensavers of HGB Systemdesignclass that is showcased on screens throughout the world.

🚪 EG2: Quarchive,
Ways of saying hello. In this pandemic, how can we share our love with other beings?